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2020-04-18: FotoPreProcessor is end-of-life; development suspended.

FotoPreProcessor (FPP) is a PyQt4-based frontend for exiftool and allows to graphically edit the (EXIF) metadata of all images in a directory.

This involves changing picture orientation, picking GPS coordinates (pickable via embedded OpenStreetMap access), applying timezone correction, adding keywords and appending copyright notices.

All changes are recorded. Modification of the image files needs to be triggered by the user (File -> Apply changes…), allowing the user to preview the exiftool calls that will be made. If excution is approved, exiftool will be called, the images will be modified in-place and afterwards all files will be renamed according to timestamp and camera model (YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS[-i]-CameraModel.EXT)

This program fits perfectly into the author’s image processing workflow:

  1. copy images from camera storage medium
  2. make sure all bits got copied, backup raw footage, clear camera storage medium
  3. pre-process images by tagging/renaming
  4. select images for conversion/editing with UFRaw/GIMP

Source code of the current development version is maintained at

Information on old versions, including the source code and release tarballs, can be found at

One thought on “FotoPreProcessor

  1. Since Linux is often used as stand-alone server, and since there are hardly any photo organisers / preprocesors available as of todate, I wonder: how difficult would it be to turn FPP into a web-based server? Given the Qt framework I’d suspect this being straightforward, which might not be identical to “simple”. However, it would be out of my personal league I’m afraid. Would you consider going into this direction?

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