About Me

Well, it’s me, Frank Abelbeck. Name suffices, for now.

About this Blog

Topics will be code snippets and programs for (at least) Linux, using Python, BASh or a language that fits (see ThunderSync: XUL+JavaScript).

Furthermore I will post articles about the part of control engineering I am dealing with in my PhD thesis (event based, decentral, lean).

Oh, and there might be the occasional DSLR image…

What About this Flag in Your Blog’s Banner?

The flag represents my branch of the Abelbeck family, complete with the motto “tempus fugit” (time flees).

How Can I Get in Touch with You?

E-mail: Frank.Abelbeck@googlemail.com

Jabber: f.a@jabber.de

Nothing More?

Ok, I could give you some pictures.