Yes i’m still there, alive and kicking. Since the death of my dad in October 2017 I had other thing on my mind than writing blog posts (full-time job, gardening, building a fireman sam bed for my oldest etc, developing libs for the card10 badge).

I also began using other means of communication, like Twitter.

When I have finished building my work-shop shed I will re-organise my IT infrastructure. So stay tuned for a new internet presence.

I declare the following projects end-of-life:

  • ThunderSync: I’m using K9 and Sylpheed Claws and I do not need address book synchronisation anymore, thus I drop it. Feel free to fork the source or push updates to my repo!
  • FotoPreProcessor: Much of its features can be found in Darktable, so I drop it, too.

Stay fit, and good luck!