Camera Strap

Ever heard of Blackrapid or Sun Sniper? That are two brands of advanced camera straps which allow carrying a camera cross-body instead of ’round-the-neck. This is really handy, since your camera is dangling at your side and not in front of you.

Of course, this comes at a cost – money aside, these straps are connected to the tripod socket, blocking it. So, either use the strap or mount a tripod.

I could not decide which of above mentioned brands to choose, so I opted for making one myself. All you need are some metres of strap, a clamping buckle and a carabiner (all in all around 10 EUR). Works like a charm, and I can even use a tripod. I have added the shoulder pad of my now underemployed Lowepro Passport Sling to increase the wearing comfort.