And Now for Something Completely Different…

Yes, I know, it has been a year since my last post. Anyway, I am still around.

ThunderSync is low-priority at the moment. FotoPreProcessor and linuxfd are more or less finalised (although I plan to port FPP to Python3). I have directed my focus on Threepwood and succeeded in writing a lexer/parser (compiler frontend). Now I have to add some tree re-writing routines for my syntax tree…

But now and then I have to solve some other problems. For example, my son’s buggy lacks headlights. Of course I could tape some LED torches to the frame and be done. But that would have been too simple…

Instead I bought two power LED (3.3 V, 20 mA, 25.000 lm) and assembled a small circuit in order to use only one AA cell as power supply. The circuit is built around the Prema PR4402 LED boost driver chip (the little SMD bugger in the middle). It features two 220 nF capacitors (yellow), a BAT 46 Schottky diode (blue) and a 4.7 µH inductor (standing up). If someone is interested I can post the schematic diagram and/or the BOM.


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