9 thoughts on “ThunderSync 2.2.1b: New Beta

  1. I haven’t found your email and I didn’t want to clutter the reviews. This addon is amazing, I only have a question.
    Can you sync automatically when Thunderbird starts and ends, without needing intervention? As long as there are no conflicts this should be possible, otherwise when I close Thunderbird I need to click 2 buttons to completely synchronize.

    • That is something I considered some time ago. As I am right now busy programming for my thesis, I cannot say if it was already implemented. I did implement forced exports/imports. It might be possible to add some kind of forced sync to it, too.

  2. I tried to use ThunderSync to synchronize my address book between different machines via a directory on a NAS. When I’m in my LAN, the directory is mounted in the file system, and all works well. My only problem is when the directory is not mounted, (i.e. the path given in the ThunderSync settings is invalid), as soon as Thunderbird is started, the path is removed from the settings (input box is empty), and synchonization for this address book ceases to work.
    I couldn’t imagine any problem with just silently skipping synchronization when hitting an invalid path or popping up a dialog on what to do, so: Is this a known bug (and if so, is there hope to have it fixed) or is there some reason for this behaviour I couldn’t figure out?

    • Back in 2011 this behaviour was intended to sanitise preferences when the preference system was modified into the current form. Non-existent paths are removed at startup because ThunderSync thinks it’s an error and thus prevents further synchronisation.

      But now it is 2014 and I am tackling the problem. Stay tuned!

      • Just tried again with version 2.5 and the problem is still there. I think it would be worth introducing the option to just silently skip synchronization when the given path does not exist, as removing the path simply breaks the sync profile and blocks my whole usage scenario.

  3. I have 1,500 contacts. When Thundersync writes 642 vcf files, I get an error message that reads: “A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding…..” Script: chrome://thundersync/content/ThunderSyncVCardLib.js:275″


  4. There seems to be still a big bug. I selected for export vCard v2.1 and UTF-8 but the result is always ISO-8859-1. The CHARSET values shows UTF-8 but the values are wrong, e.g. “=D6” (for German Ö) insted of “=C3=A4”.

    • After some digging in the old code I discovered that no transformation into an UTF-8 sequence is done. I am writing a patch right now. Seems a new version will be available soon…

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