ThunderSync 2.2b: new file bug

Today I discovered a bug in ThunderSync 2.2 beta concerning the synchronisation with external files.

As of version 2.2b ThunderSync allows to select non-existing files. In the file selection dialog the user is able to name a new file to sync to, but ThunderSync does not handle new files properly.

I’ll have to fix it. As a workaround it is sufficient to just create an empty file outside Thunderbird/ThunderSync:

  • Windows: Open file explorer, navigate to desired folder, right-click into it and select “New/Textfile” (or something like that, I don’t use Windows) and name it according to the setting in ThunderSync.
  • Linux: Open a terminal, navigate to desired directory and use “touch” to create an empty file with the correct name.

(this workaround is also a hint to me for a fix: create non-existent files prior to reading them)