ThunderSync 2.2: Public Beta

Tonight I’ve uploaded a snapshot of ThunderSync 2.2 to It is meant as a public beta because there might be some quirks and issues due to porting my code to the new algorithms. So please report any issues/features/bugs!

3 thoughts on “ThunderSync 2.2: Public Beta

    • You can specify a destination for import/export in ThunderSync’s preferences.

      To the left you will see a list of recognised Thunderbird addressbooks. Select one. This will load its configuration data into the tabs to the right. Section “General” allows to configure the export format, the external resource (i.e. the file or directory to export to) and actions. The latter are used to define ThunderSync’s behaviour during startup, shutdown and manual invokation.

      In ThunderSync 2.2b you have two options for export/import: put all contacts into a single vCard file or use a directory and put every contact into its own vCard file.

      So, select a format (first option in “General”), choose a file or directory (second option in “General”) and you should be ready to sync.

  1. Do you – or anybody else – know how to configurate this add-on to synchronize a TB address book with vcf-files exported from nokia suite?
    V2.2.1b only copies the contacts in both directions ending with double contacts in TB address book and sync-folder.

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