FotoPreProcessor Revision 15

I’ve uploaded a new revision of FotoPreProcessor. Now it is possible to navigate back and forth while in preview mode. And a flaw regarding CR2 files (Canon’s RAW file format) was fixed: when importing these raw image files using Qt’s routines the images are rotated automatically. Thus FotoPreProcessor must not apply the orientation information obtained from the file’s EXIF data. This is achieved by comparing the image’s size according to its EXIF data with the imported image’s size.

One thought on “FotoPreProcessor Revision 15

  1. Hello Frank,
    I am interessted in your programm. I would like to write an article for the german linux user magazine.
    I get this errors under Arch Linux:
    python2 /local/src/FotoPreProcessor-rev00015/
    pgm started but I can not load pictures or directories.

    Can you help me?


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