ThunderSync 2.2: Update #1

Mailing Lists

A small summary about mailing lists in Thunderbird:

  1. A mailing list is just another contact in an address book, with the attribute “isMailList” set to True.
  2. This contact’s attribute “mailListURI” points to a invisible (virtual?) address book (it is not recognised when ThunderSync iterates over all address books).
  3. The virtual address book consists of entries apparently duplicated from all contacts added to the mailing list. Perhaps the address book’s contacts are mere pointers to the original contacts.

Each mailing list is connected to a given address book in which it was created. Two cases can be observed when adding an address to the list:

  1. The e-mail address belongs to a contact in the list’s address book: the complete contact is available from within the list (pointer?).
  2. The e-mail address belongs to a contact outside the list’s address book: a new contact is created in the list’s address book, only filled with information on the display name and e-mail address. If it would be exported, it would receive a new UID, different to the original entry.

Now I have to think of a appropriate vCard representation. ThunderSync should be able to create a mailing list based on the vCard representation. While processing the list’s entries ThunderSync has to distinguish between pointers to existing contacts and new contacts. Feel free to comment on this problem!

Connection via CardDAV

While doing recherche on CardDAV I came across the SOGo Connector for Thunderbird:

Quote: “This extension transforms Thunderbird into a full DAV client for groupware servers such as SOGo.”

Conclusion: Implementing CardDAV in ThunderSync is not neccessary as there exists at least on extension with such a functionality.

Connection via FTP

This is another challenge: Until now I couldn’t find a pre-defined dialog for selecting a remote directory/file. This means I have to create such a path selection dialog on my own, based on nsIChannel…