Udisks-2.1.0 and Gentoo Linux

Today I noticed that, after an update of sys-fs/udisks to version 2.1.0, removable media now get mounted at /run/media/$USER. Previously, and ever since we left the /mnt directory in favour of dynamic mounting, /media/$LABEL was used as a mount point.

To revert udisks’ behaviour, one has to add a new udev rule.

Create a file /etc/udev/rules.d/90-udisks2.rules with following content:


Source: https://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-p-7285008.html#7285008

One thought on “Udisks-2.1.0 and Gentoo Linux

  1. Thanks for this. I noticed the change when udisks2 went stable but then I got confused because right after i got used to things mounting in /run/media/$username suddenly the old behaviour reverted. Turns out there was some problems with gvfs-1.12.3 and udisks2, so the udisks keyword is masked in /usr/portage/profiles/base/package.use.mask (see bug #463792). If you want to play with fire and force gvfs to use udisks2 instead of the old udisks1 and gdu, you can comment out this change.

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