Posted in September 2012

Intel SSD 320 Series and Gentoo Linux

If you look for information on SSD and Linux, you’ll find many old and contradictory statements. Do you have to align partitions? Which filesystem is suitable for a solid state drive? Does journaling tear down such an expensive drive? Should one use offline discard or is it safe to issue a TRIM command after each … Continue reading

HPLIP, CUPS and Gentoo Linux

These days I installed 8 GiB of RAM and 80 GB of SSD in my good old T400S ThinkPad. But instead of just copying old files onto a new drive I decided to re-install my Gentoo Linux System. And every time I create a system there are components that need special treatment. Most of the … Continue reading

FotoPreProcessor Revision 11

FotoPreProcessor Revision 11

This new revision features a look-up button for the GeoTagging coordinates inside the settings dialog. In addition, FPP now remembers icon size, sort criterion and its own window size.