13 thoughts on “ThunderSync 2.1 Fully Reviewed

  1. Just try it with 320 contacts. Compare my adressbook with one single file. Thundersync detect some differences (!=). I define for each problem what to do and the synchronize-button appears, but pressing the button leads to no action.

  2. Is there a way of deleting addresses through this tool? After synchronization I found a few duplicates that I removed from my local address book, but there doesn’t seem to be a way of removing them from the synchronized directory?

    I’m using a directory with individual vCards.

  3. Hi. I have installed ThunderSync on my Macbook. It sync the personal adress book allright. But I have all the adresses in “Contacts” that is in sync with the Mac standard adress book. I see contacts in the preferences, and have a location defined. But when synchronization starts nothing get synchronized. Any suggestions?

  4. At the first look, ThunderSync seems to be just the right solution for me to sync between two desktop-PCs at home. But I strongly miss the synchronisation of adresslists. Or how do you manage to send mails to long lists?

    • Address lists are an address book with a flag marking it as mailing list. But it is difficult to handle both versions in the current algorithm. Thus I avoided implementing it…

  5. Hi. Installed Thundersync today. But in Configuration it cant find my TB address book: left pane is empty. Any clues how to solve this? (Ubuntu 12.04, TB 17)

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