ThunderSync 2

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I’m pleased to announce the official release of ThunderSync 2.

It will be available at soon. It is scheduled for preliminary review, but in the meantime you can access it directly via its Version History page.

One thought on “ThunderSync 2

  1. A great tool!
    However, it crashes when I export in western European charset, either ISO or Windows (German Umlaute required …), whereas vcard std and Unicode runs perfectly. When it crashes, it just seems to stop working after some hundred contacts.
    Why/What do I need it for? I synchronize my iPhone contacts via Windows 7 Contacts. Exporting vcf (in western Euopean charset) files and importing them in windows contacts and then synchronizing via iTunes to my iPhone is the road I like to go. It already works – but without German Umlaute 🙂

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