Posted in January 2012

Checksums of ThunderSync 2.0

Just in case you download ThunderSync from third-party sites, herewith I provide some checksums of the original XPI file. They can be found on ThunderSyncs page here in this blog. If you want to check the integrity of your download, I can recommend the md5deep/hashdeep tools. They are available at Advertisements

ThunderSync 2

ThunderSync 2

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m pleased to announce the official release of ThunderSync 2. It will be available at soon. It is scheduled for preliminary review, but in the meantime you can access it directly via its Version History page.

Road to ThunderSync 2: Almost there…

In the last days I was fixing bugs and typos, was solving logic quirks and was checking various configurations of local and external contact resources. ThunderSync 2.0 is ready, and it has got an icon, too. My add-on only needs packaging, or more precisely, the XPI package needs some testing. Almost there…  

Road to ThunderSync 2: Thunderbird 9 and Progress

This weekend my system was hit by Thunderbird 9 and ThunderSync 1.99 seems to compatible with it! Tonight I started my test programme to ensure ThunderSync 2 is working as expected. Especially the deletion of user information has to function properly, and safely, in my opinion. For instance, I noticed that old ThunderSync versions clutter … Continue reading