Road to ThunderSync 2: Thunderbird 8 and Outlook

Well, ThunderSync2 is nearing completion. An English course threw me back a few weeks, but now I’m back on track. At least I can announce that ThunderSync2 will be released in 2012.

One problem remains: someone wanted IMAP support and I’m not sure how to implement it. On one hand I don’t know how to implement it as the official documentation is rather dim on that issue (attachments, creating E-Mails…). On the other hand I don’t know which format to use:

  • All contacts in one vCard attachment?
  • Each contact in a separate vCard attachment?
  • All attachments in one E-Mail?
  • Each attachment in a separate E-Mail?
  • vCard contents as E-Mail content?

Last but not least: On 18th December, Thunderbird 8 hit my Gentoo installation (more precisely: mail-client/thunderbird-8,0-r1 for amd64). I’ll check compatibility before release.

6 thoughts on “Road to ThunderSync 2: Thunderbird 8 and Outlook

  1. Hi Frank, happy new year! Good to hear again on thundersync progress. Concerning IMAP support, I think that the first option (i.e., all contacts in one vCard attachment) would be most convenient as it adds least clutter and allows handling all entries at once. David

  2. This looks interesting. I will have to wait until a new version to try it. Would you give a few more details in the instructions? Can the path be a network drive or ftp or??


    • Right now I’m reviewing that everything works as expected. No IMAP support, though — for now, just to avoid further delays.

      In ThunderSync 2 you can choose between two export formats: one vCard file for all contacts or individual vCards for every contact.

      Depending on the format you will be able to choose either a file or a directory, using Thunderbird’s standard file picker. So if your network drive or ftp share is reachable via Thunderbird’s file dialog you will be able to use files or directories on the net.

      Internally ThunderSync uses file URIs (e.g. file:///home/user/vCards/), so in theory it should handle other URI types as well.

      • OK, so I can use it on a networked NAS drive. That is good. I’m sorry, I don’t understand the IMAP support. Do you mean syncing with an IMAP folder on a mail server like Addressbooks Synchonizer?

        I like the fact it alerts you to conflicts. I feel like the above add-on I am using is overwriting some contacts or deleting them.

  3. My plan for IMAP support was that the users chooses a message with vCard attachment in an IMAP account. ThunderSync would process the attached file like a local file.

    Easy problem: How to choose such a message. Done, iterate over all folders in all accounts and show them as a tree. But if the message is not there, you have to create it. Leads to problem 2….

    Hard problem: I don’t have a clue how to create or modify messages from within an extension. Until I know how to do it IMAP support is disabled, so that the release is not delayed.

    • Not a problem, doesn’t sound like what I meant and I don’t use it anyway. Will you update this when it’s ready.

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