Road to ThunderSync 2: Thunderbird 7 and IMAP synchronisation

Thunderbird 7.0.1-r1 became stable last week and is now emerged on my development system. That means I can start testing the compatibility of ThunderSync 2 in Thunderbird 7.

In addition, I am working on the IMAP synchronisation feature. Right now I am designing a preferences dialog to choose a folder or a message of an IMAP mail account. ThunderSync will then look for attached files compatible with the user-specified format — for the foreseeable future this will be the vCard format.

4 thoughts on “Road to ThunderSync 2: Thunderbird 7 and IMAP synchronisation

  1. Dear,
    I tried to get thunderSync 1.2 running with Thunderbird 7.0.1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out of the box. When can we expect a 7.X compatible version.

    I want to use thunderSync in combination with some shell script to sync with a cardDAV server. The output of multiple files is very similar to cardDAV. Did you every think about implementing this feature? Currently, there is no real working cardDAV plugin for thunderbird.


    • Well, ThunderSync 1.2 is not compatible with Thunderbird 7. But as I wrote above, ThunderSync2 will work.

      No, cardDAV is not on my list. But I’ll be happy when I’ve implemented IMAP support…

  2. Hello!
    Do you have a repository where we can try the current work in progress? I saw on the mozilla website that your extension is under GPL but I haven’t found the source code.


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