Road to ThunderSync 2: New Sync Process Ready

Milestones V1.92 and V1.93 have been reached and a new synchronisation process is implemented. ThunderSync now can both read directories and files. It is prepared to encounter more than one contact per file. Therefore it is possible to work with single contact vCards and vCard address books in one directory. Subdirectories are ignored to avoid recursion.

The compare/synchronisation process was redesigned to take these changes into account:

  1. Read all external contacts into memory;
  2. Compare external to internal contacts and show differences;
  3. If there are any differences, let user choose what to do;
  4. If user chooses to sync, apply changes;
  5. Write back external contacts that have changed.

Right now I am doing some beta testing to find the last few typos (most of the code was written while commuting across Germany).

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