Roadmap of ThunderSync 2

Yes, that’s a “two”. I want to rewrite the sync process to make it more efficient and robust. Support for vCard addressbooks (vCard of vCard) is needed, too.

In my opinion, these changes justify a new major version, with following roadmap:

  • ThunderSync 1.92: new sync process
  • ThunderSync 1.93: vCard addressbook (multiple vCards stored in one vCard)
  • ThunderSync 1.94: IMAP-stored attachement as remote target
  • ThunderSync 1.95: customisable properties filter (exclude/include during sync)
  • ThunderSync 1.96: new option, just import/export all contacts
  • ThunderSync 1.97: new dialog for vCard encoding function (quoted printable? folding?)
  • ThunderSync 1.98: sync on shutdown
  • ThunderSync 1.99: toolbar button
  • ThunderSync 2.00: ready for ThunderBird 5 and 6 resp. (seems I have to go ~amd64 for this one)

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