Unfinished Work Finished: Unimog Model (Part 2)

The Unimog model is completed. It was even possible to create some kind of display case using cheap polystyrene (cost of material including tools: 10 EUR).

1:35 model of a Bundeswehr Unimog with display caseProcessing polystyrene is easier than expected. For instance you can cut straight edges by “scoring & breaking”: Just score the material with a cutter several times. Move the plate to the edge of your desk and than simply apply some force. It will snap just at the scored line.

Afterwards I used sandpaper to chamfer/polish the edges. Ok, as you can see above I tend to round off corners.

In the end everything is assembled using polystyrene-compatible glue.

For the display case of my next scale model project “Tirpitz” I will try to plane the chamfers. This way I expect to achieve better fitting parts…

PS: If you worry about ThunderSync 1.3 not getting done I can assure you that “Tirpitz” is a typical autumn/winter project.