ThunderSync Version 1.2.1 (Bugfix Release)

Mozilla is still reviewing version 1.2, therefore you can only obtain it via ThunderSync’s versions page.

If your contacts rely on web URLs as photo resources I recommend to use the new bugfix version 1.2.1. It fixes a typo in the export routines for photo URLs. Thanks to Hugo Osvaldo Barrera for feedback!

16 thoughts on “ThunderSync Version 1.2.1 (Bugfix Release)

  1. Dear Sir,

    I´ve just downloaded and installed your V 1.2.1:
    What i want is to export my TB Addressbook (as *vcf) for use in another (my provider´s)webmail application…
    My Problem: When stated(?) there appeared just a blank window…
    I (dummy?) cannot find out how to operate/work your application?
    Please davise me,
    yours Gerhard

  2. Hi, I’ve just tried out ThunderSync for the first time (on MacOS). It installed well and allegedly already synchronized everything, but I simply cannot find the directory where the address book has been synchronized to! I also cannot find any way to set this directory in the preferences. What am I doing wrong? Please, add some documentation that makes explicit this critical piece of information.

    • Hello David,

      ThunderSync’s Webpage has a Quick Start Guide:

      Prior to its usage ThunderSync needs to know where it has to look for external contacts.

      Open the extension’s properties dialog (extras -> add-ons, select ThunderSync, click on “properties”) and you will see a list of your addressbooks. Right-click on one of these entries and select the action “choose path.” A directory selection dialog window will open and you will be able to select and/or create a target directory for the selected addressbook.

  3. Hi!

    Thank you for this add-on, it’s very importnant feature to syncronize TB with Windows Contacts.

    Under Windows 7 I have a problem with Cyrillic CP-1251 encoding – after syncronization I see wrong symbols in TB Address Book.

  4. I do not manage to sync, I can export all contact to Contact folder of Windows7 (64), but all the files have a name that is a key, so when I click on it, I am asked if I want to add them to my windows contacts, if I say yes, the contact is created with the “normal name” and after a change on that “new” contact is not synchronize with Thunderbird, what am I doing wong ?

    • Well, ThunderSync enables you to export Thunderbird’s contacts to individual (vCard) files and to import contacts from individual (vCard) files. These files get named with a unique identifier, because in larger contact databases there might be more than one John Smith.

      I don’t use Windows, so I can only guess. But I think with clicking on the vCard files you copy the contents of these files into some kind of Windows-internal database (Windows contacts?). When you modify one of theses imported contacts inside Windows contacts, it is only changed in this database, but not in the original file.

      So you have to export your contacts from Windows back into vCard files.

      ThunderSync is only an interface between Thunderbird’s crude internal contact database and the outside world. For this purpose it reads and writes vCard files, because they are some kind of least common denominator in the world of e-mail programs.

  5. Thanks for your answer, but this is the point, if I open the created Vcard with Windows Contacts, it creates a new one, at the same place but with a normal name instead of the “unique number”. After if I change this one and I try to synchronize again, the new one, even if it is also a Vcard is not recognize by Thundersync, how should I proceed ?
    If I leave both contacts in the directory Thundersync shows them with the sign “!=” and I cannot click on synchronies, if I remove the one created by Thundersync, the next synchronization ask to create it again.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hmm, if you see the “=!” it means that some details of a contact differ. It should be possible to unfold the properties of a contact (tree view, little [+]). Then you are able to select which property modification you want to keep (“<>”).

  6. Well the difference is only on the address.
    The problem is I cannot modify the contact with Windows Contact without creating a new one and Thundersync does not recognize the one created by Windows Contact, any idea ?

    • Can you send me a sample of the Windows Contact output? Doesn’t have to be real data, of course.

      In all these years Microsoft proved to be rather flexible with regard to the interpretation of standards. 😉

  7. I really like this great addon. I use it for synchronizing my contacts on 2 PCs and 1 mobile phone through dropbox.
    I’m desparately waiting for the next version which runs on Thunderbird 5 and has the ability for filtering properties. It’s very annyoing that I have to choose the sync direction for every change of Thunderbirds popularity index, which changes on every written mail.

  8. Hi,

    I think, I have found a bug in thundersync-1.2.1: When importing vcf-files containing images into a newly created thunderbird profile, thundersync fails to create the Photos-Directory. I have written a patch to fix this bug.

    Also, I have written a patch to increase compatibility to Android smart phones.

    Would you be interested in these 2 patches? If yes, where should I email them?

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