ThunderSync Version 1.2

A new version of ThunderSync is available at Seems it will take a couple of days until version 1.2 gets reviewed by

Users can now enable ThunderSync to compare contacts at Thunderbird startup. Contacts are also automatically compared when the ThunderSync dialog is opened.

The comparison algorithm was revised and support for an unique ID (UID) was added. Identification and mapping of external and internal contacts is now done via UID, so that other contact properties are changeable (new name, other address).

If no UID is given, internal and external contacts are mapped by percentage of matching properties and an UID is assigned afterwards.

Finally, the UID is used for file name creation. This avoids problems with empty contact names.

4 thoughts on “ThunderSync Version 1.2

  1. This works great, I use SVN to sync the vcards between computers, and do thunderbird thunderbird sycronization!

    Git work work too. If the vcards could be synced to an IMAP folder, that would rule! 🙂

    Howeven, there seems to be an issue with the Photos.
    I use a lot of URL photos, and the URLs don’t seem to get exported; here’s an example:


    The contact is synced as having “photo” selected in the URL tab, but the URL itself is not exported.
    After I sync these contacts, comparing again will show them as different from the freshly created vcards.

    I also though a custom field X-Contact-Version would be cool, every time there’s an export, you’d do “version++”. That way, when syncing with another app that suppors this (another thunderbird as is my case), the extension can detect by itself which is newer and suggest that over overrides the other.

    Cheers great work on this addon!

  2. I installed this and get a script cannot continue error under Windows 7. It also makes the comparisons but I cannot select the synchronize button. Hence, it doesn’t work.

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