Preview for ThunderSync Version 1.2

Due to feedback from and code contribution by Lucas Treffenstädt I was able to improve ThunderSync even more.

Version 1.2 will use unique identifiers (UID) to find and handle contacts. If no UID is given, internal and external contacts are mapped using the number of matching properties and an UID is assigned afterwards. So now it is possible to manage contacts with identical names, e.g. popular ones like John Smith or Peter Müller. Name changes are possible, too.

Furthermore the UID is used as export filename. This fixes errors resulting from “wrong” (with regard to file naming conventions) contact properties.

Finally, comparison is done when the ThunderSync dialog is called — this avoids another unnecessary click on “compare.” And another configuration option was spent to define startup behaviour: now ThunderSync can be called at Thunderbird startup (code contributed by Lucas).

Stay tuned for version 1.2, which will be released in calendar week 8.

2 thoughts on “Preview for ThunderSync Version 1.2

  1. Thundersync fills my need for generating vcard from Thunderbord, so marvelous. Vcard is a very troublesome format, however, impossible to do exactly right because the standard is in fact broken, but I see a couple of obvious issues:

    1. You sync only based on First and Last name, and ignore Display Name. That is a real problem for people like me who use Zindus for Google, which is one of the few syncs for Thunderbird that actually works (don’t get me started) but leaves First and Last name empty, and instead uses Display name! Try to make the sync also work for cases whick only has a Display name.
    2. In the Vcard you build an FN based on “Last, First” name. This is no good, and makes your own sync fail for people like me, who prefer to use “First Last” as the display name. So do not build an FN yourself, do use the Display name instead (in both directions).

    I do see the program is in development, and it is a very good start, but you do need to attend to the above two issues first!

    Thanks again!

    • Hello and thanks for your comment!

      The issues you mention are fixed in version 1.2. A unique ID is used to identify contacts and thus all properties are now changeable — you can rename your contact, move him/her to another address etc. And no modifications of display name take place, too.

      ThunderSync version 1.2 is available under, but only as “other version.” I guess it will be reviewed by Mozilla admins in the following days.

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