Yes i’m still there, alive and kicking. Since the death of my dad in October 2017 I had other thing on my mind than writing blog posts (full-time job, gardening, building a fireman sam bed for my oldest etc, developing libs for the card10 badge). I also began using other means of communication, like Twitter. … Continue reading

FotoPreProcessor Updated

FotoPreProcessor Updated

FotoPreProcessor has received an update. I fixed various bugs related to the PyQt4-to-5 porting, optimised variable initialisation (e.g. using {} instead of dict()), fixed the load progress calculation (non-image files ignored by exiftool were not taken into account) and added a new feature. FPP now saves the original file’s MD5 checksum as ImageUniqueID tag. Two … Continue reading

Brotherscankeyd Updated

A new version of brotherscankeyd is available via GitHub. After a system update my pysnmp instance did not work properly anymore. Thus I removed all pysnmp dependencies – the module felt somewhat overloaded  anyhow. Now SNMP requests are created with the program snmpset, part of the net-snmp package (http://net-snmp.sourceforge.net/).

Updates for linuxfd and FotoPreProcessor

These days I found time to update linuxfd and FotoPreProcessor. While I have ported the latter one to PyQt 5, linuxfd received a bugfix from GitHub user robagar (close file descriptors just once).


My current NAS setup is based on a Gentoo server and access via SSHFS. That is fine and works: I can mount my remote data as another path in my local home directory and any file access is secured over SSH (using PKI). But retrieving information, e.g. based on metadata, is a mess. I have … Continue reading

LED-Illuminated Mirror

LED-Illuminated Mirror

Illuminated bathroom mirrors can be quite expensive (300 EUR and more), and most of them are shipped with integrated LEDs. This means that you cannot replace the lamps and have to dump the whole mirror in case of LED (or driver circuit) failure.

I did not like this concept, so I created my own mirror. Continue reading

linuxfd: Announcing inotify Support

Since I don’t have found any straightforward support for inotify in Python 3, I will add it to linuxfd (using the same API as eventfd/timerfd/signalfd). Stay tuned for a new linuxfd release!

Introducing brotherscankeyd

Recently I bought a Brother MFC-L2720DW printer/scanner. In the past I was used to buy HP because of the good Linux support. But now I have discovered that Brother offers quite a good Linux support as well. Installing the printer was a disappointment: everything worked as expected! (Driver source: brother overlay; installation via CUPS and … Continue reading